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Instrument Repairs

You have a problem with your instrument and you need a fast, fantastic repair job. It can be scary deciding who to trust. Here at C. A. House Music, we understand that your instruments are part of your family, and we treat them as such. No problem is too big or too small for our expert technicians, and we work hard to make sure that every instrument leaves our repair shop sounding like new.

We specialize in everything from re-frets to re-pads to biasing. We offer guitar, band instrument, and electronic repairs with a speedy turn around so you can get to your gig faster.

Repair Services Include

  • Guitar & String Instruments
  • Woodwind Instruments
  • Brass Instruments
  • Orchestral Instruments
  • Percussion Instruments
  • Keyboard & Organs
  • Electronic Instruments
  • Complete Restorations
  • Quality Cleaning, Sterilizing, & Polishing

Email us, stop by, or call for more information. All of our repairs and restorations are satisfaction guaranteed. We also offer FREE estimates on all Guitar, Band, and Orchestra repairs. There is a $35 bench fee on electronics. Our repair services are always of the very highest quality. We invite you to visit us to discuss any problems you are experiencing with your instrument. We will tell you how long the repair will take and give you a FREE estimate for the cost of the repair before we do any work. We are positive that you will be satisfied with our work.

Fix Your Baby Today


Don't see the repair you need on your list? Give our repair gurus a chance to talk shop.

Call: 1-800-755-3214 | Email: [email protected]

So What Makes Us Different?

Experience: Our full time, dedicated repair techs have over 100 years of combined experience.

Versatility: Our techs can repair everything from a piccolo to an acoustic guitar to an organ.

Speed: We have full time guitar, electronic, and band instrument repair techs on site. We don’t have to ship your instrument to an out of state repair shop and wait weeks for it to return.

We Care: We care about impressing you. We care about making you happy. We care about making you sound fantastic. Bottom line, this is what makes us different.

Want to chat about your repair needs? email us[email protected]. We love to troubleshoot repairs for everyone – from the hobbyist to the gig-master!


"A big thank you to Greg at the Parkersburg store for quickly repairing my son's trombone and then taking the time not only to clean it but to also show me how to properly clean it. I was very impressed that he took time out of his day and also encouraged me to bring my son in, so he could show him one-on-one. Thank you!"
- Tracie Rather


*Please call your local C. A. House Music branch for band, string, & electronic instrument repair pricing*

St. Clairsville: 740.695.5929

Parkersburg: 304.422.4676

Zanesville: 740.454.2357

Lancaster: 740.277.6676


Guitar Repair Price List


Restrings: (Excludes the price of Strings)

  • $20.00 on all Standard Guitars, Mandolins, banjos, Bass Guitars & dulcimers.
  • $25.00 on Classical Guitars
  • $30.00 on Floyd rose tremolo equipped guitars & 12 strings.


Fretboard Care: $20.00 Reconditioning of the fingerboard.

                             $40.00 Fret wire polish.


Guitar Set-up (includes cleaning, all adjustments, & intonation):

  • Acoustics: $45.00*
  • Ukes: $25.00*
  • Standard electrics: $50.00*
  • Electric Guitars with Floyd Rose tremolos: $60.00*


Fret work:

  • Fret end Dressing: $25. 00 filing fret ends to remove sharpness.
  • Level and recrown frets: $70.00 Filing and recrowning of existing frets.
  • Partical Refrets : $15.00 Per Fret, with shop bench fee.
  • Gluing loose fret ends: $40.00



    Complete Refrets:  Replacement of All Frets (Dressing and set-up included.)

  • Unbound Fingerboard: $300.00
  • Bound Fingerboard: $325.00
  • Lacquered Maple: $350.00 (includes refinish of fingerboard)


New Bone Nut/Saddle: $60.00

Specialty Nut and Saddle repairs, please see technician.


Re-gluing of acoustic Bridge: $125.00*

Reglue bridge with belly reduction: $175.00


Headstock, Neck repair: $100.00*


Electronic work:

  • Pickup Installation: $40.00 Per Pickup
  • Repair Loose Wire/Jack: $15.00*
  • Potentiometer/switch Replacement: $20.00
  • Electronic Spray cleaning: $30.00


Complete Rewire:

  • Standard guitar or bass: $55.00 * (Some models may require more labor, resulting in minor up-charge)
  • Archtop: $70.00

(*adding shielding is a $20.00 upcharge to rewire cost)




Neck Reset: $300.00 - $500.00 (includes set-up and fret dressing)


Rehydration of an acoustic: $40.00*


Top Crack Seal and Cleat job: $60.00


Brace reglue: $40.00 Per Brace


Acoustic Back crack repair: $120.00* (depending on severity of cracks)


Tightening/Tuning of Banjo Head: $20.00


Pickguard work

  • Acoustic pickguard replacement: $30.00
  • Custom cutting a new pickguard: $60.00


Tuning machine replacement: Standard 6 string : $30.00*

  • 12 string: $50.00*
  • Mandolin/Banjo: $30.00*
  • Bass guitar: $30.00*


Strap button install : $5.00 (Button not included)


Pricing is labor only and does not include cost of parts and materials


*Instruments in need of repair that exceed the normal amount of labor for a given service will be handled on a per case basis with price quotes given before the work begins. Some repairs will have additional charges for parts required.


Please Note:  Any instrument not picked up within 90 days of completed servicing will be considered abandoned property and shall be forfeited to C.A. House Music.



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