Our History

C. A. House Music was founded in 1872 by Chauncey A. House. The House family emigrated from Germany in the late 1700s. Chauncey’s father, Jacob, was born in New York in 1803 and married Lucinda Green in the 1830s. Chauncey was born in 1833, and Jacob House moved his family to Wheeling, WV.

Chauncey went to school in Wheeling and later married Sarah Miller. During this time the United States was becoming an industrial nation, and demands for products such as watches, pianos, farm tools, stoves, and hardware were increasing.

Wheeling, WV Wheeling, WV Chauncey became a pianist, and in 1872 he began selling pianos and reed pump organs on Market Street in a small store. His staff grew to over 10 employees. Within a few years, Chauncey became known for his large selection of reed organs and pianos. At that time, C. A. House Music carried 10 different brands of pianos, including one made in Wheeling, and 12 different brands and styles of reed pump organs.

In 1880, Chauncey’s wife Sarah died at the age of 45. The Ohio River flooded in 1884 and destroyed most of the inventory in the store. Chauncey salvaged what stock he could and continued with business. By 1885, Chauncey had established a network of agents and stores in 20 locations around West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The invention of the Victrola by Thomas Edison caused C. A. House to become noted throughout the US as having the largest and most complete selection of Victrolas in different styles and finishes.

In 1908, Chauncey remarried. His new wife, Rose, became an important part of the business. In 1921, Chauncey passed away at his home from pneumonia. Rose continued the business and added the Hammond organ and the Steinway piano line to inventory.

Over the years, C. A. House was forced to scale down because it was becoming difficult to purchase instruments from manufactures during WWII. Rose House died in 1946. Company employees had purchased the business before her passing.

In 1964, Pete Ceo purchased the controlling stock of the company. Pete was owner of Ceo Music in downtown Wheeling, which specialized mostly in band and string instruments. The first Ceo Music store was located on Short Market Street. The merged C. A. House Music moved two additional times to the Upper Plaza Market and finally to 10th and Main.

The Zanesville, OH branch of C. A. House Music was added in 1970. The Zanesville location was originally located on Military Road. This location later moved to the Sunrise Plaza and then again to its current location on Market Street. The C. A. House Music in Zanesville is 5,500 square feet.

Pete Ceo purchased a track of land in St. Clairsville, OH in 1977 and slowly moved out of downtown Wheeling. This move started with repair shops, followed by pianos and ending with the guitar and drum departments. Several additions to the St. Clairsville Store were added in 1988 (guitar department) and 1996 (piano showroom).

The Parkersburg, WV branch of C. A. House Music was added in 1990. This branch was originally located in the Foodland Plaza, but moved to Cavalier Circle in 1996. The C. A. House Music branch in Parkersburg, WV is 10,000 square feet.

Today, the company is operated by Steve Ceo, general manager. Under his direction, C. A. House Music moved from its original St. Clairsville to a 24,000 square foot building that includes a piano showroom, a pro audio room, a guitar and drum showroom, and a band & orchestra department. Steve Ceo also opened a C. A. House Music location in Lancaster, OH located on West Sixth Avenue. This location was opened in December of 2011 and is 4,200 square feet.

St. Clairsville, OH

52335 National Road
St. Clairsville, Ohio 43950


(740) 695-5929

Parkersburg, WV

3700 Cavalier Circle
Parkersburg, WV 26104


(304) 422-4676

Zanesville, OH

828 Market Street
Zanesville, Ohio 43701


(740) 454-2357

Lancaster, OH

236 W. Sixth Avenue
Lancaster, OH 43130


(740) 277-6676